Blackberry Wednesday

“Playin For Pennies”

Produced by Blackberry Wednesday, Dik LeDoux and Jason Latshaw

Unsigned and loving it! – 2015

Rod Henson – Vocals/Keys

Lucien Croy – Guitar/ Bass/ Vocals

David Wade – Drums

Blackberry Wednesday

“Start Again”

Recorded & Produced by Matt Martone & Jason Latshaw

Lightfoot Records – 2010

Rod Henson – Vocals / Keys

Lucien Croy – Guitar / Vocals

Charlies Lirette – Guitar

David Wade – Drums

Josh Fisher – Bass


Joecephus and the George Jonestown Massacre

“Hell or High Water”

Produced by Dik Ledoux and Joey Killingsworth

Recorded by Dik Ledoux

JK47 Records – 2010

Joey Killingsworth – Guitar / Vocals

Brian Costner – Bass / Vocals

David Wade – Drums




Produced by Pipebomb 11

Recorded by Pipebomb 11


Danny – Vocals

Josh – Guitar

Ricky Scheid – Bass

David Wade – Drums

Forest Orange

“Body High”

Produced by Forest Orange and Micheal Hudson

Recorded by Shane Sanford and Micheal Hudson


Chad Sanford – Vocals

Shane Sanford – Guitar

Chris Carr – Guitar

Ricky Scheid – Bass

David Wade – Drums