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Crazy Animals

Ok, let’s go back a couple of years ago. I moved into my new house with the best dog that ever existed, and three fucking cats. Two of which I could really care less for. So like in the old house they started clawing at the carpets and baseboards, and then the back of my new leather sofa. Well it didn’t take much of this before I just had enough and made them all outside cats. Janie, the oldest and only one i even like, loves the outside and made the transition with ease. The bitches on the other had, that is what I like to call them, did not. Fat-ass, I mean Zoey, is a bit shy and a lot of a chicken and just could not believe that she now had to live outside...

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What’s a Killingsworth?

On the day after Halloween, in 1971, Joey Killingsworth was born in Memphis, Tennessee to Kay & Bobby Killingsworth, ( a.k.a. Cousin Bo Jack, of the Eddie Bond TV Show ); so Joey has music in his blood, to say the least. At the age of 15, Joey’s first performance was playing drums with his daddy at a music festival in Mississippi. He was so impressive that he also ended up backing the legendary Jumpin’ Gene Simmons of “Haunted House” fame. This would not be the last great first for this budding star.

After playing in local bands, Grendel Crane and Mung, he honed his performance skills by playing in the rockabilly legend, Eddie Bond’s, band. Then, Joey began working on his own kind of music, & in 2004 he put out his first EP called “Gone to Stay”, under his own name...

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Hotel / Motel

I travel a lot and stay in a lot of hotels. Over the years, I travel with some awesome bands like Capitol3, Joecephus and the George Jonestown Massacre, Blackberry Wednesday, and even a little with Black Oak Arkansas. If you’’ve ever traveled with a touring band, then you know that sometimes you stay at really nice hotels but most times you don’t. Now, I’m not talking about the Ritz or Peabody, though every now and then we are lucky enough to be on a bill that will supply such things. When I say nice hotel,” I’’m talking about something in the $55-$65 per night range, but when it’s make money or sleep in a nice hotel we usually end up in some place that claims to leave the light on for you.

Tonight, I’m sitting here at a Days Inn in Palm Coast, FL, and can’t help but to cou...

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